Apophenia Audio Podcast #4: Gladio A – an Overview – Part 2

We continue our exploration into the historical facts surrounding the Gladio organisation.
This episode deals with the 1964 quasi-coup d’état in Italy, the military conference at the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome (1965) and the connections with the Strategy of Tension, the Piazza Fontana bombing of 1969 and a mysterious “publishing house” in Portugal, the Aginter Press, directed by Captain Yves Guérin-Sérac.

Episode references:

The Paris Métro bombings of 1995

France: Two-year deadline for Israeli-Palestinian peace deal

The Oslo attacks took place exactly 65 years after the Hotel King David bombing: The Oslo Attacks – More False Flag Evidence

The 1964 “Piano Solo” coup d’état: General Giovanni De Lorenzo – Head of SIFAR/SID (Italian Secret Service); Head o/t Carabinieri (Italian Paramilitary Police)

Writer Tobias Jones is credited with the expression: “Slaughter Commission”: The Dark Heart of Italy – book

And the “Slaughter Commission” itself on Wikipedia (Italian): Commissione Stragi

Falling under the Slaughter Commission’s jurisdiction: (1) the paramilitary apparatus of the Italian Communist Party (2) the Aldo Moro case (3) the Golpe Borghese (4) the Gladio organisation (5) the Freemasonic lodge P2 (6) the Ustica airplane crash (7) the separatist groups in Alto Adige – South Tyrol

Not falling under the Slaughter Commission’s jurisdiction: (1) the Bologna rail station bombing of 1980 (2) Enrico Mattei’s assassination

The illegal SIFAR filing: “Under De Lorenzo’s leadership of the SIFAR (1955-1962), the agency had opened dossiers on a total of 157,000 people, including mostly innocent citizens and politicians” – from Wikipedia entry on CIA agent Thomas Karamessines

References on Francesco Cossiga: Operation Gladio: CIA Network of “Stay Behind” Secret Armies

The emblem of the Italian Republic: a five-pointed start in a circle

Reference to Carlo Fumagalli in Executive Intelligence Review

Claire Sterling: The Terror Network

Charles de Gaulle: The Empty Chair Crisis and the Luxembourg Compromise

Daniel Cohn-Bendit sided with Israel in 1967, but led May 1968 against the West

Bernard-Henri Lévy, the “New Philosopher” Selling Military Adventures of the Global Elite

Conference at the Parco dei Principi Hotel (Colonel Renzo Rocca, etc.): quote from Philip Willan: Puppetmasters

Reference to Guido Giannettini in a New York Books review on Italy: Terror on the Right, by Thomas Sheehan

Aginter Press and its Wikipedia entry

Italian Secret Services were aware of the connections between Giannettini, Aginter Press and the Piazza Fontana bombing: transcript from a testimony in the database of the Slaughter Commission (p. 10)

Yves Gouillou, a.k.a. Yves Guerin-Sérac, forum post on the Gentlemen’s Military Interest Club (!!!)