Apophenia Audio Podcast #3: Gladio A – an Overview – Part 1

With the word “Gladio” reappearing everywhere these days, courtesy of the recent, implausible terror attacks in Paris, it is perhaps a good time to re-acquaint ourselves with the origins of this supranational agency for psychological warfare. Once identified, its fingerprints can be more easily recognised in any similar event. Here is my humble contribution.

Episode references:

Italian PM and president on neo-fascist terrorist ‘hit list’

Sibel Edmonds Answers Your Questions on Gladio B

Richard Cottrel: Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis

Maurizio Blondet – Who Killed Olof Palme? – on EIR, May 7, 1993

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The Crisis of Democracy