Audio Podcast #1: Why did the ICC refuse to investigate Israel?

The International Criminal Court has declined to investigate the war crimes committed by Israeli Defence Forces on the Mavi Marmara (Gaza Aid Flotilla) incident on May 2010 on the grounds that the case was not grave enough.

That may be so. However, given the sheer amount of Israel’s war crimes in other past situations (see here), none of which has ever compelled the ICC to open any investigation, could there be other motives why the ICC may never investigate – or prosecute – Israel in the future?

The Mavi Marmara Incident Explained:

Ken O’Keefe on BBC Hard Talk (Video)

ICC Statute:

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Libya Hoax Allegations the ICC Took Seriously:

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ICC Referral from the Comoros Islands:

Referral Under Articles 14 and 12(2)(a) under the Rome Statute Arising from the 31 May 2010, Gaza Freedom Flotilla Situation

Why the ICC Refused to Investigate the Mavi Marmara Incident:

Situation on Registered Vessels of Comoros, Greece and Cambodia

Kevin Jon Heller: What Happens if Comoros Appeals? (Answer: Not Much.)

The ICC OTP. Staff and Situations Currently under Investigation:

Office of the Prosecutor

Israel’s Mass Atrocities in Gaza (United Nations Reports):

Operation Cast Lead

Operation Protective Edge

NATO Committed War Crimes in Yugoslavia, did not Stop a Genocide:

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Where does the ICC get its money from?


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Token recognition of Israel’s Continuing Occupation of Gaza:

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KPFA speaks to Keith Harmon Snow

Claudio Moffa: La “Giustizia Internazionale” Post-Bipolare

Chris Patten: Not Quite a Diplomat, Penguin, 2006.

John Laughland: Travesty, Pluto Press, 2007.

2 thoughts on “Audio Podcast #1: Why did the ICC refuse to investigate Israel?

  1. I have worked in African comtinumies for over 25 years in St. Louis. It is a very important topic. However human right is in the eye of the beholder in some cases There are many contending human agents that can snatch human right based on their own version. Bloggers, government agencies and corporations have always played both positive and negative roles in human right. What we need in Africa is an elder based traditional remedy with sustainable pyramidal education in conflict resolution from universities down to village levels. It is for me painful to imagine the millions of lives lost in Sub-Saharan Africa in the last 40 years because developed nations supply weapons and land mines for warring factions. Angola used to have more per capita amputees than any other nations. There has to be a strong deserving punishment for leaders and people involved in genocide, mass killing , torture and terrorism. Also the conference organizers must understand that there are no current effective international laws that severly punish arm trafficers, weapon manufacturers and middle profiters and states who have turned workers into producers mass killing machines. Although Carless Teller and Melosovich faced justice, the arm dealers in the equation are beyond accountability. Replace Kalashinkoves and granades with infant formula and stethoscopes! Look at the common lethargy in the west regarding drugs. . We cannot stop drugs coming to the boarder, because there are millions of consumers . Amnesty International must also expand its view of justice and punishment including arm trafficking. But, I am hopeful for the millenial generation and the 21st century. Probably 90% of them want a safe world with no human right abuse. We have entered a hopeful century with the power of an evolving social media where mediocre, subsurvient and selfish academics are challenged daily.

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