Apophenia Digest #4 – 21 October 2016


Good day: in this episode we look at three news segments, all linked together by a common thread: ‘F’ for Fake! Pro Syrian armed militants staging a protest in Amsterdam, dressed up as war victims, fake AlQaeda propaganda videos commissioned and paid for by the Pentagon + a fake group, posing as Syrian Civil Defense, known as White Helmets

Tony Cartalucci: White Helmet Save Aleppo Protest Proves How Easy it is to Dress Up Actors as War Victims

Crofton Black and Abigail Fielding-Smith:Fake News and False Flags: Pentagon Paid Millions to Create Fake Terrorist Videos

Max Blumenthal: Inside the Shadowy PR Firm That’s Lobbying Regime Change in Syria.

Max Blumenthal: How the White Helmets Became International Heroes While Pushing U.S. Military Intervention and Regime Change in Syria

Molly Anders: A Syrian first responder’s last call to action

Mark C. Toner admits US State Department has been funding White Helmets to the Tune of $23M

Syrian Humanitarian Raed Saleh Is Denied Entry to US

Samuel Oakford: Syria’s First Responders Say They Need a No-Fly Zone

Farouq Habib testifies before the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs in support of a no-fly zone

Carina Kolodny: A Syrian Revolutionary Speaks Out – Here’s What The World Should Know

Zen Adra: Captured jihadist admits being trained in Turkey

Vaness Beeley: Syria’s White Helmets: War by Way of Deception – Part I

Saladin Security’s David Walker behind Terror Acts in Nicaragua.

Vanessa Beeley: Who Are Syria’s White Helmets (terrorist linked)?

Video clips:

Syrians protesting against Assad regime crimes in Amsterdam, Dam Square, uploaded by Alaa Ketiani

Bergamonews – Intervista a Vanessa Marzullo, uploaded by Redazione Bergamonews

The White Helmets save a lot of people in Syria, uploaded by Newsy

A firsthand account of Bell Pottinger’s top secret work in Iraq, uploaded on Vimeo by The Bureau

Syria White Helmets_ Humanitarians or _Executioners__, uploaded by UK Column

CrossTalk_ White Helmets, Really_, uploaded by RT

The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS, uploaded by Vanessa beeley

Who is Rita Katz, Who are the SITE Intelligence Group, uploaded by Mizanur Rahman Khan

How was the ISIS execution video found_, uploaded by CNN

The White Helmets- Risking lives to save fellow Syrians – UpFront (Arena), uploaded by Al Jazeera English

HAUNTING Image Of Syrian Boy Rescued From Aleppo RUBBLE!!, uploaded by DiseasedManiac

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Begins to Cry While Sharing Video of Syrian Child Omran, uploaded by Bruce Willas

The Truth About the #Syrianboy Viral Photo. Its really a story of two boys. #OmranDaqneesh, uploaded by Syrian Girlpartisan

De Witte Helmen _White Helmets_ – Helden of terroristen van Syrië_, uploaded by Free Syria

England’s Channel 4 News featuring “moderate” war criminals | October 5th 2016, uploaded by R&U Vid

URGENT_ MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED…Before It’s Too Late, uploaded by corbettreport