A Talk with Eva Bartlett – Part 2

This is part 2 of a talk I had with independent journalist and researcher Eva Bartlett on the Syrian conflict. Eva exposes the false narrative and dismantles the myth of “moderate rebels”, supposedly fighting for freedom and democracy in what is erroneously defined as a “civil war” against a tyrannical “regime” – obligatorily described as “brutal”. Enjoy. Part 1 can be found at this link.

Episode references:

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Suzanne Nossel Executive Director of Amnesty International USA

The distinction between International and Non-International Armed Conflict

In remembrance of father _ pater Frans van der Lugt (Christian priest and martyr in Homs, Syria), uploaded by Sougthafter74

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Ahrar Al Sham Listed as Terror Organisation

List of videos featured:

Former Ambassador to Syria Sir Peter Ford, Speaks to Sky News on Syria, uploaded by Philip Campbell

Putting a Human Face to Suffering in Syria w_ Eva Bartlett, uploaded by Watching the Hawks RT

HRC 22 One of Most Significant Human Rights Council Sessions, uploaded by U.S. Mission Geneva

US Ambassador Keith Harper’s remarks at 2016 UN Watch Gala Dinner, uploaded by unwatch

Bashar al-Assad long before the _Syrian revolution_, uploaded by R&U Videos

Syrian parliament announces June 3 date for presidential elections, uploaded by euronews (in English)

Manufacturing Dissent_ The Truth About Syria, uploaded by GlobalResearchTV

سوريا درعا 18-03-2011 Daraa Syriaقلب سيارة للمخابرات 2, uploaded by kmdaraa

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley – Syrian uprising – a year of revolution, uploaded by CBS News

#CW #Sharia – Creepy FSA commander has important messages to the WESTERN Governments!.., uploaded by

Syrian rebel commander eating heart of dead soldier, uploaded by nomorcocktails

Al-Nusra commander speaks about foreign support in Syria, uploaded by adam channel

alawiti come scudi umani a Ghouta e Duma, uploaded by milotz

Jabhat al-Nusra leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani announced the disengagement with al-Qaeda, uploaded by uhammedm