A Talk with Eva Bartlett – Part 1

In this episode we have the pleasure to bring you part 1 of our chat with independent Middle East reporter Eva Bartlett, which we had on February 17th 2017. In our talk we discussed Eva’s first-hand experience in Syria – including East Aleppo – and how and why the narrative of the conflict has been distorted by Mainstream Corporate Media and International Non-Governmental Organisations.

Episode references:

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List of videos featured:

Videos show chaos gripping Syria, uploaded by CNN

Legendary journalist Patrick Cockburn gives his unique insight into Syria’s war, uploaded by Russia Insider

(Battle Of Aleppo) FSA Footage Of The Siege Of Aleppo, uploaded by GUNNYMAN7

Boy Beheaded By Syrian Rebels By _Mistake_, uploaded by Nirvana News

Bana al-Abed Pens Letter on Syrian Refugees to President Donald Trump _ The New York Times, uploaded by The New York Times

Last Message From Aleppo by Bilal Abdul Kareem, uploaded by Military Conflict News

Civilians making social media pleas from Aleppo actually bloggers with MSM primetime access (VIDEO), uploaded by iMOVIE

1 of 2 OGN’s Bilal Abdul Kareem Interviews Shaykh Abdur Razaaq Mahdee, uploaded by Face the Truth

Aleppo hospitals destroyed as Syria humanitarian crisis worsens, uploaded by Al Jazeera English

Syria_ Aleppo rejoices after SAA liberates city’s east, uploaded by Ruptly TV

Syria FSA suicide attack vs al Kindi Hospital 20 12, uploaded by WW3

Humanitarian Crisis in Aleppo Grows Worse by the Hour, uploaded by ABC News

Syria_ Army evacuates E. Aleppo residents from liberated Jabal-Badro district, uploaded by Ruptly TV

Aleppo Christmas celebrations, uploaded by Eyad Al-Hosain

Buses carrying Aleppo evacuees leave city, uploaded by CGTN